Free To Be Me

Our spouse should be the person who makes us feel seen and safe in all the moments of our shared lives.

For Worse Invites For Better

Love is not always an easy choice, but it is through the “for worse” moments of marriage that we experience the “for better” moments.

Junior Size Love

The true strength of any relationship is forged in the day-to-day moments, not the grand gestures.

Go Sit Down.

Marriage is never 50-50. It is almost always 100-100. And, at times, it’s 100-10, and you just need to sit things out.

Recycled Love

Expectations work best when they are expressed, not assumed.

Looking for Love

Small moments in marriage, like life, help build strong foundations to stand on.

A Moment Awash in Love

Love is a choice, not a feeling, even in marriage. My Love in Marriage project launches today!