A Psalm of Perspective

Prayer provides a powerful perspective of who we truly are, not who we think we are. #prayer


Let Your Power Come Through Prayer

My prayer on this first day of Lent is to unleash the power of my prayers and watch the wonderful results those earnest and heartfelt prayers produce as I seek Him first each day. Not just by my words, but through my actions and with my heart.

Breathing Life into My Story

It's story time. It's time to finish one of the stories I've started and then abandoned because I've come to realize that my story is intimately linked with the stories I write. Because writing brings me breath; it gives me life - the life I was created to live.

Prayer’s Unexpected Answers

I stood by helpless watching my daughter sobbing over socks that weren't perfect, and feeling both of our deep disappointment that she would not get to go to the indoor play space without them. And I raged at my husband, "Really?" I said. "Really this is how God is choosing to answer my prayers?"

The Force of Faith

Faith conjures up certain images, doesn't it? People deeply rooted to God through prayer and His word and who trust Him easily. But, for me, in my life, sometimes faith is more of a supernatural shove out the door into the unknown and the trusting Him and rootedness only comes after I've start walking. After I get up from the heap of wailing and gnashing my teeth and digging in my heels, then I trust Him enough to walk with Him.