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In this new forty day Lenten journey, you are invited to join Jesus as He enters Jerusalem and makes His way to the cross.  Experience Lent and the extravagant love of Jesus in a new way as you are drawn into story of His suffering, crucifixion, and resurrection as one of His disciples.

At His Dusty Feet is available now!

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I believe we are all designed and called to create. My main creative gift is writing and I love to tell stories. But I encourage others to heed this sacred call to create and uncover the wonder that surrounds us through their creative journey.


I’ve got stories in the works, and as things get polished up, I’ll be releasing sneak peeks and excerpts.

faith & life

Time to Begin (again)

It can be way too easy to believe it’s too late & you’ve wasted too much time. But hear this: it’s time to begin (again).

writing prompt

Give & Take

When writing time is scarce, I love to indulge in some freewriting around a single word prompt. Today: Take.

behind the scenes

Behind the Mask

It is one thing to see someone; it is anotherthing altogether to see who someone is. Really is. Ifyou remove your mask, who would I

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Welcome. I’m glad you’re here. I hope my words inspire and encourage you to pursue the creative path you, too, are meant to travel.

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