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Welcome. I'm Judith and I believe our stories matter and the act of creating provides us glimpses of the sacred in the mundane. I am a writer of novels and essays and seek to uncover the sacred in the process of creating stories.

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Judith Heaney

Finding My Life in Writing

It’s not just that art imitates life, but that our life can be uncovered, discovered, and reflected in writing, our own and that of others.

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Judith Heaney

The Creative Life

When we slow down and tune into life, creativity reveals to us the sacred moments we might otherwise miss.

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Judith Heaney

Who I Am

I am a writer. (even when I’m writing badly or not at all) I am a mama. (I mess up, I make amends, I love

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Judith Heaney

(Not) Stuck in the Middle

If you’re in the middle of your story, like me, there’s still time to live boldly, to create, and to discover the extraordinary that surrounds us.

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About My Work

I started an adventure with creativity on July 1, 2019 as a way of getting back to playing with words and writing for the sake of writing. I write and post reflections on writing, faith, and creativity and also focus on the writing of my novel, The Lost Journal. Join my email list to keep up with all things writing here.


My current work in progress, The Lost Journal, started from a writing prompt about coming across a journal in your grandmother’s attic. This prompt introduced me to three characters with whom I immediately fell in love. They invited me into their story and I obliged.

Writing, Faith, and Creativity

I believe we are all created and called to create. For me, my main gift is writing and I love to tell stories. But I encourage others to heed this sacred call to create, whether it’s a meal, a memory, a sculpture, a knitting project, or an adventure. Creativity uncovers the wonder of the world around us.


I'm posting daily! More fiction coming soon!

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