Time to Begin (again)

It can be way too easy to believe it’s too late & you’ve wasted too much time. But hear this: it’s time to begin (again).

Give & Take

When writing time is scarce, I love to indulge in some freewriting around a single word prompt. Today: Take.

Behind the Mask

It is one thing to see someone; it is anotherthing altogether to see who someone is. Really is. Ifyou remove your mask, who would I see? Before you let me see you, you askme, who am I? Me… I am a sojourner, sometimes weary, always seeking. I am a writer, weaving words and telling stories, […]

Creativity Unfurled

There is a mystical quality to the creativity entrusted to me from the Creator.

Stormy Faith

Some scripture passages remind me I have more in common with the disciples than I realize.

Writing Can Be Hard

Sometimes when a writer says writing is hard, it has little to do with the words.

A Time to Thrive

We get to choose whether we thrive or simply exist. We choose by what we focus on and how we decide to live.

Heed the Whisper

A pinky promise with myself to accept the sacred invitation to create.